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Name Plates
Who says your name canít be etched in stone, plastic, brass, or marble? We can display your name on wood, in black and white on the wall, or on your desk. These are done in custom and regular sizes.


Let everyone know who you are and what you stand for. Put it on a banner for the world to see. Colors and logos are unlimited. Throw on some tassels or fringe for some flare. Declare your love or start a business, advertise with a banner of your taste and design.


Make them mobile or advertise while being helpful. We can make them big enough to stick on your refrigerator, or your vehicle. Anything from braille, engraved, office signs, vinyl and magnetic, we can do it for you .Chose the design and size that you desire.

Decals can be put on vehicles or shop windows. Not messy like window paint, decals allow a versatile way to display an image, message, or service of your choosing.

Want to start a sports team? An annual company event? Want to show your pride and appreciation of your grandchildren? We can make it so that you can wear it. Taking into consideration the choice of design and garment, we can print it or embroider it.


Sometimes ink just wonít stick. Labels are a great alternative. Big or small, you can stick them just about anywhere. Addresses, a list of contents, perhaps a display of ownership on your collection of Cdís, these things and many more can be put on a label.


( Knob handle, wood handle, self inking ) Did you know that stamps could be very versatile? We can put just about anything on a stamp. If you can think it, more than likely we can ink it. Type styles, logos, layouts, Signatures, images, and many more...the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Business Cards
From simple to extravagant, the possibilities are endless. We can make it shine with foil , a photo, embossed, thermographed, or to the point with black and white. We can put your name and business on plastic, metal, on a magnet or even wood. Logos? No problem.

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